Aufbau erfolgreicher SEO Landing Pages: Diese 9 Dinge braucht jede gute Landing Page

  1. Headlines and sub-
    headings Headlines should draw the attention and interest of the users and at the same time serve as small summaries for content and text sections. It is important that each headline is coded as such (with H1, H2 and H3 headings) so that search engines can better categorize your landing pages.2. Structure
    The relationship between text, images and headings should be coherent and contribute to a clear overall picture.3. Pictures
    Landing pages without pictures are unappealing and appear boring and incomplete. There are a few guidelines to consider when integrating images:
  • Make sure the pictures are not too small.
  • The resolution should be at least 300 dpi (pixels look unprofessional!)
  • Make sure that the file names match the content (include keywords)
  • In terms of content, pictures and texts must match.
  • Product landing pages must contain images of the product!
  • If services are advertised, use images to draw attention.
  1. Arguments
    Regardless of whether you want to generate sales, stimulate discussion or be shared on social media – every landing page should make it clear what it is about. What problem can your landing page solve? The faster customers can answer this question, the better you can reach your target group.5. Needs
    -Based Sections Loss aversion is a powerful driver for people to get active (and make purchases) – so customers are more likely to buy when they solve a condition than when they satisfy a material need. Your landing pages should therefore always address the problems and fears of your target group and present your products and services as safe solutions to these problems.6. A positive attitude
    If you want to advertise products and services via landing pages, make absolutely sure that there is a „positive mood“. Present your company in a friendly, personal and, above all, satisfactory way. When you visit your landing pages, you should immediately get the impression that your offers make you happy and solve problems.7. Contact
    options Reputable companies have nothing to hide and usually show their contact details publicly. Your landing pages should make it easy for users to access the imprint or a contact form. Many landing pages also have small pop-ups that offer personal customer advice.8. Guarantees
    With money-back guarantees, eco-promises and other customer-friendly promotions, you can give your company a profile and underline your reliability. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that the guarantees are complied with.

    9. Call-to-Action Phrases and Buttons
    It sounds simple, but is almost as important as informative texts or headlines and working technology: Clearly formulated Call-to-Action phrases direct users to your shop, other landing pages or product descriptions and serve as the basic structure for every website.