B2B SEO Strategies

Every single SEO strategy (B2B and B2C) concentrates on the needs and habits of a certain target group. If you want to reach other enterprises and generate purchases, you should focus on the experts behind the research. What are the entrepreneurs behind your target enterprises looking for? How can you satisfy their needs? And the most important question: How can you convince Google and other search engines that you are able to satisfy those needs?


Important aspects of every B2B SEO strategy

  • On-page optimization.
  • Off-page optimization.
  • Technical optimization.


3 factors to consider before creating a B2B SEO strategy

  • B2B SEO concentrates on low volume keywords, which means that the keywords should aim at other aspects than those of B2C landing pages.
  • B2B strategies generate less organic traffic than B2C strategies. More important than the organic traffic rate is the value of your services and contents.
  • B2B SEO is not (only) about a high SERP ranking and keyword targeting. Focus on your branding and try to create the impression that your brand is a leading entity in your sector.