Competition Analysis

A highly competitive market doesn’t necessarily mean that it is hard for new enterprises to persist. If you check out your competitors on a regular basis, it’s easy to track down the latest trends and to get an overview your e-commerce sector. If you know the market and the strategies of your competitors, you can outperform others with a few simple accommodations. The constant adjustment of your shop design and your SEO strategies in reference to competitive websites with a high ranking in search engines eventually leads to more traffic and more sales. To sum it up: If you have an eye on the market and know how to analyze other e-commerce shops, you might even benefit from your competitors.



The progressive side of SEO

Old fashioned marketing strategies don’t work with modern e-commerce enterprises. If you choose to ignore your competitors and concentrate on your target group, your shop may not persist on the market, because one thing is absolutely sure: Your competitors have an eye on you and constantly work on strategies to outperform your e-commerce shop in search engines. Thus, your thriving e-commerce business more or less depends on your competititor analyses and your competitive strategies.



Things to look out for in other e-commerce shops

  • Which online-customer services do your competitors provide? How do they react to customer querys and reviews?
  • Does the shop offer sales? How are sales and bonuses progressed? (bonus code per mail, automatic sales discount etc.)
  • Is the competitive webshop user-friendly? (loading time, templates, widgets etc.)
  • Does the website use organic or paid traffic? (promoted results, advertising)
  • How do users find your competitors in search engines and what makes them valuable? (useful reviews, guides and unique features)
  • Which websites and platforms do others incorporate in their backlink network? (Besides reverse search you can rely on Similar Web and other tools here)
  • Are there newsletters, blogs and other steadily updated contents? Subscribe to them and always stay tuned!



Adjusting your shop and your service functions

The buyer decision process depends on the traceability of your shop in search engines as well as the services you offer on your website. Do your competitors offer inducements to buy in the form of discounts or free delivery? You should also compare the methods of payment and the layout of your shop as well as the shop pages of your competitors. The easier you make it for customers to purchase your products, the more sales you will generate in comparison to your competitors.