Content Check and Keyword Analysis

Search engines and users should perceive your enterprise as active and very present on the web. To achieve this goal, you should frequently publish new valuable content and adjust your landing pages to certain keywords. Therefore, the main part of your on-page SEO strategy should focus on creating and spreading valuable content. Adjust our step-by-step guide to your sector and your target group and watch your traffic numbers and sales increase:

On-page SEO in 3 easy steps

1. Choose your main keywords carefully
It’s pretty easy to find the basic keywords for your landing pages and your website. Keep it easy: If you sell products, the product names should certainly be part of your main keywords. You can also set service descriptions and phrases like assembling a fireplace as keywords.

2. Use your main keywords for more detailed keyword research
Keywords lead to more keywords – useful tools like AlsoAsked show you frequently asked requests from search engines which correlate with your main keywords. The detailed keyword research also helps you to find out which websites achieve a better ranking – these websites may give you some inspiration for further optimizations.

3. Create new content with a proper keyword density
SEO experts use keyword density tools to determine the optimal keyword density for your texts. That way you can assemble topic-based keyword lists and make them appear naturally in your texts.