Content Marketing – Reaching your target group with valuable content

Content marketing is all about creating valuable content in order to lead certain target groups to e-commerce websites (frequently, if possible). Eventually your brand confidence increases and you generate more sales. If you want to do the part right, you have to invest a lot of time – that is why enterprises on every scale leave things like the conceptional work, the creation of briefings, backlinks and keyword lists as well as the research and typing of new texts (or the recording of podcasts, vlogs and the creation of pictures and photos) to experts, influencers and agencies. If you want to create valuable content yourself, consider these three useful tipps:


3 easy ways to create valuable content

  1. Quality first

The most important part of every content marketing strategy is the creation of useful content for your target group. If you frequently publish blogposts without value, you won’t be as successful as someone who offers useful answers to the questions of his readers.


  1. Analyze your posts

Use professional tools to analyze your published texts, videos and pages. If you keep an eye on the number of leads and sales each post generates, it becomes easier to plan and create new content.

  • How many visitors does the page have?
  • How many of those visitors interacted with the shop?
  • How many shares, likes and comments does the content generate?


  1. Incorporate links and keywords

Valuable content is worthless if users can’t find it on the web. Before you create new content (or have it created), you should make a keyword list and a list of questions related to your main topic. Emphasize your arguments with links to studies, statistics and articles from reliable sources to increase your credibility and the page authority.