Create a Profile – Show yourself on different platforms

Whoever wants to succeed in the relentless world of SEO must create overarching online profiles that contribute to their brand confidence. Enterprises and entrepreneurs try to create the impression that they are present and active in every corner of the world wide web. Shares, likes and comments generate organic backlinks and traffic within your target group. The main point in creating online profiles is making your brand recognizable and generating valuable backlinks.


What are the benefits of creating backlinks?

A widespread backlink network increases your domain authority and your ranking in search engines. You can use social networks to present your content to a broad audience and share it organically or as paid ads. Backlinks on other websites and platforms lead users from other websites to your shop. Focus on valuable backlinks from websites with a high authority in search engines for promising results. The more time and money you invest into social media networking and profile creation, the more authority you will have on search engines like Google or Yahoo!.


Tipps for your social media profile

  • Give users a complete overview and fill out every part of your profile (imprint, content, website, links to your products etc.).
  • Enter one social media platform at a time and take your time to get to know the ways to communicate properly on each platform.
  • Like, comment and share external content as well as your own articles, products and news.
  • Adjust your postings to the tone of the platform you use.