Creating Brand-matched Content

The development of a brand identity is one of the most important steps for startups to become established on the market. Even the biggest enterprises constantly work on their brand identity in order to give their brand a popular profile. We answer the most important questions about brand identities and how to establish them.

Brand identity FAQ

What is a brand identity?
Your brand identity covers every visible element of your enterprise, e.g. colors, templates, logos and designs.


Which elements contribute to your brand identity?
There are several important elements which contribute to your brand identity:

  • Your brand logo and the name of your enterprise
  • The colors of your brand, as well as the colorization of your websites and your social media profile.
  • Typefaces (logo, website, product description)
  • Graphic elements (design, infographics etc.)


Branding – Ways to establish your brand identity

  • Brand Assets (colors, logos, visual depiction)
  • Brand Associations (marketing elements associated with your brand – e.g. Coca Cola and Christmas / Santa Claus)
  • Brand Awareness (recall value)
  • Brand Voice (the tone of your website, announcements and customer letters)
  • Brand Promise (sustainability, fair trade, safety, good service etc.)
  • Brand Positioning (competitive attitude)
  • Brand Personality (qualities of your brand, e.g. trustworthy, creative, customer-oriented etc.)