Define your target group

Before you start your e-commerce business, you should define your target group as exactly as possible. Who purchases your products? What are these customers looking for on search engines? In addition to the target group analysis you should perform a detailed keyword research and make sure you know which keywords potential customers are requesting and which keywords you want to cover in search engines. Founders and startups with little experience in online marketing and SEO should place reliance on external experts and benefit from the SEO experience of others. We help entrepreneurs to set up a detailed e-commerce and company profile which includes all possible target groups and search engine requests in your sector.


3 questions to ask yourself before you set up a website for your business

  1. Which goals do you want to achieve?
  • Customer loyalty
  • Traffic
  • High ranking in search engines
  • Competitive power
  • Local brand awareness
  • Sales
  • Value of brand recognition


  1. How do you want to reach your target group?
  • Keyword research
  • Target group analysis
  • Technical Analysis of your website tools
  • Implementation of automatical analysis tools
  • Content audit
  • Authority link building
  • Website optimization


  1. Which SEO strategies are proper for your business?
  • Generating new content (blogs, guides, videos, reviews etc.)
  • Optimization of available content (keyword targeting)
  • Backlink networks
  • Improvement of your search engine authority (organic and paid)
  • Technical optimization (shop, widgets, templates)