Duplicated Content

The darkest side of every SEO campaign is duplicate content – fortunately, it is easy to find and correct it. Search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Ecosia clearly depreciate websites with duplicate content. The term does not only apply to duplicate content from your website, but also copied texts from other domains. This can lead to copyright-problems and a low ranking in search engines. So you should always avoid duplicate content and check every new text with proper online tools.

Paraphrase, don’t copy

Most SEO experts will advise you to look out for competitors for a successful SEO strategy. If other websites achieve a better ranking, you can always draw on their keywords, their contents and their backlink strategies. Don’t hesitate – competitive work is a basic part of every SEO strategy. Other enterprises use your website as inspiration for their landing pages as well, as long as you achieve a good ranking and your website seems valuable. If you want to copy the landing pages of your competitors, you should never simply use Copy + Paste. Paraphrase every sentence of your target text and find your own words. Citations should be labeled as such. Additionally, you can incorporate your own ideas and knowhow to exceed your competitors.