Enhance your enterprise content marketing strategy

Concerning their SEO content marketing, enterprises can learn a lot from SMBs and start ups. Several statistics show that big enterprises tend to neglect their content management. Small businesses invest a lot of time and love to create valuable content and to get more followers, more traffic and more sales. When it comes to big enterprises, it often shows that their contents and guides don’t really fit to the interests and requirements of their target group. We summarized 5 main steps for your enterprise to increase the ROI and to arouse interest from customers:

5 content marketing strategies enterprises tend to neglect:

1. Track and provide
A website that is frequently visited provides a lot of useful data that SEO experts and content managers use to create targeted contents. You should constantly audit your tracking reports and evaluate which contents generate traffic and arouse interest.

2. Take part in discussions
Modern social media platforms enable the dynamic dialogue between customers, detractors and enterprises. If you present yourself as approachable and open for discussions, your sales and your brand awareness will increase.

3. Find out who shares your contents
Fans, supporters and cooperation partners are the most important factors when it comes to spreading content. Find out which websites share your contents and produce backlinks and which channels are central elements for the distribution of your content.