Google Analytics Tracking Setup

Google Analytics is one of the most widely used tools in SEO and online marketing. Internal tools as the Google Tag Manager enable the exact adjustment of tracking codes. Technical configurations as such are way too theoretical for creative entrepreneurs like you? Most people in the e-commerce sector think so, too. That’s why smart enterprises leave the setup and the evaluation of Google Analytics data to professionals with SEO experience.

How to configurate Google Analytics correctly

  • User Management – You need the permission of your users to track them and use their data.
  • Google Ads and Google Tag Manager – Combine your Google accounts with each other, so both tools can profit from each other.
  • Set up automatic reports
  • Define your goals – e.g. transactions, downloads, or clicks on ads. The definition of your goals enables Google Analytics to come up with suggestions for improvement.
  • Solutions Gallery – Search for in-product solutions to improve the website analysis.
  • Adjust tracking codes – The adjustment enables you to make applications for specific information concerning the behavior of your website users.