Keyword Research – Relevant keywords for target group

Searching and categorizing keywords is the first step towards a successful SEO strategy. For a high ranking in search engines it is not enough to focus only on the name of the product or the brandname. A great keyword pool ensures that your target group encounters your website regularly in search engines. With a combination of manual research and clever tools SEO experts are able to track and categorize relevant keywords.


3 questions you should ask yourself during your keyword research


  1. Which keywords are directly connected to your service and your brand?

Using the example of a sports shoe: Shoe(s), sports shoe, training shoes, sports, jogging, footwear, fair trade shoes etc.

You can also use other brands as keywords, e.g. Adidas, Nike, etc.


  1. Which questions are also asked in search engines?

Let’s stay with the example above: What kind of shoe for jogging? What should you wear when your foot hurts? Alternatives for sneakers? How much does a training shoe cost? Are training shoes sustainable?

Tools like alsoasked make it easier to find related questions.


  1. Are there related topics?

People who search for sports shoes might also search for related products like yoga pants, sportwear, gym socks, basketball shoes, gym wear and other things.

Focus on your main keywords and frequently asked questions first. Related topics and keywords should be included in the second step.