Keyword Targeting – Improve your SERP ranking

Clever keyword targeting is the easiest and most efficient way to a better ranking in search engines. In order to achieve a high position in search engines, SEO experts focus on certain text structures. It takes experience and inside information to know how to create structured web content that appeals to search engines and the target group.


5 tips how to include target keywords on your website:

  1. Create content with additional value that appeals to your target group. Guides, reviews, how-to listings and insider tips are always in great demand.
  2. Use your target keywords regularly, but not excessively.
  3. Integrate synonyms, inflections and other phrasings for your target keywords (in our example phrases like sports shoes, sport shoes, training shoes, gym shoes, gym shoe, jogging shoe etc.)
  4. Include further links (internal and external).
  5. Apply structural elements like subheadings, pictures, videos and bullet points.