Local Keyword Research

Extensive keyword researches are essential for every successful SEO strategy. The research does not only focus on your sector or service – the main point of local keyword targeting and research is finding keywords related to specific regions. Eventually, search engines connect your website to certain sectors and products (e.g. „design furniture“, „print shop“ or „carpets“), as well as certain localities and regions (e.g. „buy furniture Hamburg“, „print shop Hannover“ or „carpets Bielefeld“).


Who benefits from a local keyword research?

  • Sole traders who want to reach customers in their region.
  • Restaurants, bars, hotels and event locations.
  • Product sellers and producers relevant to certain localities (souvenirs, regional food, cultural products).
  • Corporations with branches in several regions.


How does regional keyword adjustment work?

Your local keyword research should exceed the town name of your company headquarters by far. For an optimal ranking in search engines it is important to include regions nearby, places of interest in those regions and popular localities in your keyword pool. Here is an example:

Given that you own a hat store in the center of berlin.

Keywords like „Berlin hats“, „Berlin center hats“, „Hackesche Höfe hats“ as well as nearby streets, tram stations, quarters and districts should be included in your keyword pool.

In popular regions and cities it also makes sense to incorporate well known streets and train stations or airports in the keyword pool.

With a local keyword research you make sure that search engine algorithms connect your website and your enterprise with certain regions and regional search requests.