Local Keyword Targeting – Make use of your local keywords

Local keyword targeting aims at a better placement in search engine results connected with IP-targeting (or geo targeting). Ideally, your website should reach most of the users who send requests with regional tagging. Depending on the privacy settings of the users, search requests automatically include geotagging in most of the cases, e.g. on smartphones and tablets. Professional keyword targeting enables your website to achieve a high SERP position for those regionally bound search requests. Another part of the keyword targeting on a local sphere is the local competition analysis. If you use the data from your keyword research correctly, you can figure out which strategies your competitors use and outperform them by adjusting your strategies to theirs.


4 handy tips for efficient local keyword targeting

  1. Incorporate nearby localities, neighboring regions and local hot spots in your keyword research.
  2. Keep an eye on your competitors: Which targeting strategies do market-leading enterprises use?
  3. Adjust your content and your blog articles to your local SEO profile.
  4. Successful keyword targeting requires the costant creation of new contents with a certain keyword structure and a local connection.