SEO Strategy and Planning

The basics of SEO are widely known in the e-commerce sector. For this very reason, it is not enough to put some keyword-tags on your pages. Search engine algorithms constantly change and your competitors are also permanently working to improve their own SERP results. If you want your brand to dominate on search engine result pages, a wide-ranging SEO strategy with the help of SEO experts is absolutely necessary.


3 things you need for a successful SEO strategy

  1. On-page optimization: The content of your website plays a significant role for your SERP ranking.
  2. Backlink network: Powerful SEO goes beyond the borders of your own website. If other domains publish links to your website, your ranking improves – given that the authority of your partners is reliable and you carefully choose your backlink partners.
  3. Technical SEO: Users should be able to click through your website and purchase your products and services without a hitch.


This is how you build a successful SEO strategy

  • Analyze your website and your current ranking in search engines.
  • Gather topics and keywords which appeal to your target audience and fit to your products and services.
  • Create interesting on-site content which represents your corporate concept.
  • Concentrate on your competition and try to outperform your competitors by customizing your SEO strategies.