Simplify your On-Site Architecture

The access to your website should be as uncomplicated as possible, so users, bots and search engine crawls can find and browse your website quick and easy. To achieve this goal, SEO focuses on the informative architecture (IA) and the technical architecture (TA) of your shop.


Informative Architecture and Technical Architecture

A high ranking in SERPs requires valuable on-site content with a meaningful structure (IA). Moreover, users should easily find their way to your contents and your e-commerce shop and not encounter technical issues while purchasing your products and services (TA). Both strategies lead to more traffic and more sales. SEO experts and programers use different methods to improve your website architecture and to make your shop accessible for users and search engines:

  1. Crawl optimization (crawling and indexing)
  2. Organization and labeling of your landing pages
  3. Organization of online communities (backlink communities)
  4. Internal linking
  5. Content optimization (product pages, informative content, keywords)