Sitemap Analysis

Sitemaps are used for indexing the contents of websites. A well structured sitemap makes it easier for search engines to crawl and index your pages, which is important for a good SERP ranking. Google Search finds errors in your sitemaps and facilitates the crawling and indexing process. Your last sitemap analysis was months or even years ago? Analytical tools like show if your website already has a sitemap.


  • HTML sitemaps
  • XHTML sitemaps
  • Text sitemaps
  • RSS Feed sitemap
  • ROR sitemap
  • XML sitemap


Which benefits do sitemaps offer?

  • A sitemap is more than an index or tables of content. It covers every document on your website hierarchical.
  • Search engines can only crawl a limited number of pages. With a sitemap you make sure that search engines can crawl all your contents.
  • A sidemap makes it easy to crawl and search through websites.