SEO Landing page structure: 9 things every landing page needs

  1. Headlines and subtitles
    Headlines and subtitles should arouse the attention of your visitors and function as simple introductions. Don’t forget to label your titles correctly (H1, H2, H3 etc.) to make it easier for search engines to categorize your landing pages.2. Structure
    The ratio of texts, images and titles should make sense and contribute to a clear overall pattern.3. Images
    Landing pages without any images seem incomplete and not very appealing. If you insert images and visual backgrounds to your landing pages, take note of these basic rules:
  • Do not use small images. The bigger, the better.
  • The resolution of your images should be at least 300 dpi. Don’t let others see any pixel dots!
  • The filenames should fit to the images (incorporate keywords, if possible).
  • The images should fit to the texts they belong to.
  • Product pages should always contain images of your products!
  • If you offer services, you can use images to affect the atmosphere of your landing page.


4. Arguments
No matter if you want to generate more sales, fuel a forum discussion or if you aim to get your posts shared on social media platforms – your landing pages should always clarify what they aim for. Which problems do your landing pages solve? The faster your customers find an answer to this question, the greater is your impact.

5. Acting as a problem solver
Loss aversion is a powerful motivation for people to get active and purchase – that means that customers will more likely buy a product that relieves a certain fear than buying a product that satisfies them. So your landing pages should always offer solutions to the fears and problems of your customers.

6. Positive vibes
After all this negative manipulation (reminding your customers of their fears and problems) the overall tone of every landing page should be very positive. Be friendly, polite and satisfying – whoever visits your website should get the impression that your enterprise is there to make them happy and to solve their problems.

7. Contact opportunities
Only shady businesses have something to hide – for a serious presentation on the web, you should always reveal your imprint. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to get in contact with your experts and service employees.

8. Guarantees
Money-back-guarantees, eco-seals and other friendly and reliable labels contribute to the face of your company and give the impression that you are reliable. A premise for the positive effect of guarantees is that you adhere to the conditions without exception.

9. Call-to-Action
It sounds simple, but for a functioning landing page a call-to-action phrase is as important as informative contents and images. Call-to-Action phrases encourage users to click through your shop, your informative pages and your product pages. They are an important part of the basic framework of every landing page.