User analysis – How to improve your website with audience segmentation

The segmentation of user data plays an important role for search engine optimizations in Google Analytics. If you are able to define what you want to achieve, it becomes easier to adjust and analyze contents for certain target groups.

Benefits of segmentation in Google Analytics

  • Individual customer approach
  • Improvement of customer loyalty
  • More customers from different target groups
  • More sales


How to segment your target groups

  • Demographic segmentation – Age, income, education level, family status etc.
  • Behavioral segmentation – You need to adjust your tracking tools carefully to get insightful information about the behavior of your users.
  • Business segmentation – You can use the same analysing tools to gather information about B2B customers.
  • Psychographic segmentation – Values, ideals and the social status of users are more important than demographic information for some enterprises.