SEO on a big scale

Search engine optimization for enterprises follows different strategies than SMB SEO. People who manage thousands of pages for one brand need special sotware and know how to audit and to categorize SEO strategies. Scaling SEO describes the systematical categorization of complex contents on a big scale.

Requirements for SEO Scaling

  • Clear ROI goals (return of investment)
  • SEO revision (technical SEO, optimization of the index, XML sitemaps and contents)
  • Cross-departmental planning (graphic designers, PR managers, content creators and others should work at the same goals)
  • Project Management Software (standardization of tools and workflow software)
  • A scalable content management system (CMS)
  • Automatized processes (analyses, sales, newsletters)
  • Planning campaigns with foresight.
  • Tools for content optimization

Calculating the ROI

Return of investment (ROI) describes if and how your marketing budget pays off. When they plan a new campaign, entrepreneurs should always ask themselves: Can I achieve the same ROI with less investment? Most often, the intvestment in external SEO experts with know how pays off quickly. If you create strategies for enterprises yourself, you should always consider the fact that all SEO campaigns are long-term projects and the success in form of more traffic and more sales comes with time.