Expansion of backlink networks

If you regularly create valuable content and set keywords, tags and meta data correctly, your website will automatically generate backlink networks. When other websites or social media users share your contents and links to your website, it affects not only your traffic and your sales, but also it also increases your SERP ranking. Websites with a great number of landing pages need an equally great backlink network to make sure that the landing pages can be crawled and contribute to a better ranking in search engines.

Benefits of elaborated backlink networks

  • More traffic.
  • Improvement of the domain authority.
  • Improvement of page rankings.

How to increase your backlink network

1. Valuable content
Don’t hesitate to share some of your professional knowledge to lead users of search engines to your website. The majority of users use the web to search for information and guides concerning specific topics and producs, so provide it and satisfy their needs!

2. Guest postings
You should spread your knowledge and your contents on several external websites. Put links in nice and valuable comments or create guest postings on foreign blogs – the important thing is that your backlink partners have a good authority themselves.

3. Social media posts
The majority of SEO experts underestimate the importance of backlinks from social media platforms. Social media references play an important role for your ranking in search engines and contribute to a good domain authority, so you should definitely check on your social media accounts and partners regularly.