Local SEO Strategy and Planning

With SEO, enterprises have the opportunity to present themselves as market leaders and recommended choices. Given that your enterprise is a cocktail bar in the center of any city – that means, your target audience is not (only) shaped by demographics, but also regionally bound. If your locality is placed in Munich, for example, trying to achieve a high ranking for search requests from Berlin doesn’t make much sense. Modern search engines figure this and adjust the SERP to the location of the user. Another group of users (and possible customers) search directly for localities near them, e.g. in GoogleMaps or with targeted keyword phrases (text search and voice search): „Italian Schillerstr Berlin“ etc.


4 steps to a successful local SEO strategy

  1. Local Analysis

A detailed SEO analysis of your website and relevant search engine SERPs provides a good overview of your ranking in search engines for local users. Have a look on your ranking in different radii and determine the radius which is relevant for your enterprise.

  1. Local Keyword Research

Our SEO experts can easily analyse your website and the local search engine results for your business. We assemble and categorize a useful keyword pool which is important for your on- and off-site SEO work.

  1. On-site Keyword Targeting

Creating on-site content like blog and news articles, product information and guides on the basis of your keyword research is one of the most important parts in SEO. If your texts are structured properly, your SERP ranking will rapidly improve.

  1. Regional Competition Analysis

If you want to outperform your local competitors, our SEO experts look behind the curtain of search engine results and create detailed profiles for better ranking websites.