Prepare a SEO Strategy

For search engines, keywords are the connection between topics, products and services. If search engines see a high chance for your website to provide the information users need (enunciated by keywords), your ranking for those keywords might improve and users can easily find your landing pages. Therefore, your landing pages and texts should include certain main keywords as well as secondary keywords for a better authority. Thorough SEO work requires the optimization of your contents on the one hand and generating new contents with proper keyword targeting on the other hand:


5 tips where to place your keywords

  • URL: If the URL of your landing page includes the keyword, the authority for the phrase will improve.
  • Meta description: Make it easy for users to get an idea of what your website is about with short and informative snippets for your landing pages.
  • Headers and titles: Headers and subtitles give your texts more structure and function as indicators for valuable content in search engines.
  • Body of text: If your target keywords do not occur regularly in running texts, they are not evaluated as relevant for connected requests. On the other side, keywords should not occur too often, otherwise your contents could be classified as spam.
  • File names: If you tag image files with keywords, the probability that they are found in image searches improves.