Technical Analysis – how good does your website work?

One of the basic requirements for successful e-commerce campaigns and more sales is the technical analysis of your website. We check several issues such as SSL, security issues, user-friendliness and the layout of your website. The technical SEO analysis reveals deficits of your webpage structures and helps reducing duplicate contents and other technical issues.


SEO for beginners: This is why a technical analysis is so important for your ranking in search engines

  1. Is the structure user-friendly?
  2. Does the website encourage users to click-through, read and buy?
  3. How much time do users spend on your website? How could this timespan be increased?
  4. Is transparent shopping possible and does your shop seem trustworthy?
  5. Is the structure of the website adjustable for smartphones and tablets?
  6. Improve your web performance


We provide tools for the technical analysis of your website so you can easily revise your performance and correct mistakes, if needed. Good SERP results do not last very long if your website can’t be displayed on certain engines or if disadvantageous links lead users to other websites. The detailed analysis helps building a user-friendly structure and contributes to nearly unchallengeable SERP ranking.