Traffic Analysis – The classic tool for SEO analyses

A constant amount of traffic is even more important for your search engine positioning than a valuable backlink profile. We constantly update our tools for traffic analysis in order to provide useful traffic data for every landing page. A detailed analysis of your traffic data shows which content works for you and if some landing pages need further adjustment. You can also check out different SEO strategies by comparing the traffic data for different pages.


Learn more about your target audience

Web analytics tools are indespensable for every SEO expert. Learn more about your target audience in order to develop individual success strategies for your website.

The combination of manual and automatized traffic analysis tools enables us to interpret your traffic data and evaluate the user behavior.

A clickstream-analysis reveals which landing pages generate enough traffic and which contents decoy users to click-through and buy.

The advertising ROI (return on investment) is one of the most important factors for good SEO work.

Our elaborate traffic analysis reveals which landing pages have a positive influence on your ranking and which contents are hard to find four your target audience.


More traffic means more sales

Provided that your shop works properly, high traffic rates are a guarantee for more current receipts from affiliate marketing partners and more sales in your webshop. Every good SEO campaign should aim at generating more traffic and encouraging users to spend more time on your website. Traffic analysis makes it easy to improve your SEO strategies and get a higher ranking in search engines.