Google Cutting off Keyword Data

Until recently Google has decided to consider keyword data as merely moot and academic, that is after the steady rise of “(not provided)” data and switching all searches to encrypted searches with the url command HTTPS.

In essence this simply means that no more keyword will be techincally shared to webmasters.

What does this mean? And how important is a keyword data? to know more about the importance of this see the post of Jason Acidre.

A good rebuttal to the article provided by Search engine watch by speaks of the alternative ways of getting information that could help the website with the disappearance of keyword data, provides another look at the way Google steers SEO away from website owners (while at the same time espousing it).

While for the moment the disadvantages far outweighs the advantages I think that what Google is trying to accomplish is a sense of “fairness” for websites that don’t really understand SEO.

By this I mean that Google recognizes the power of information that can become a problem in the future when all other websites are as optimized onpage wise as the other, and the next problem will be reverted back to the number of links pointing to the site.

It also recognized the fault of their algorithm that can be practically “gamed” through “SEO” through the keyword data that they ironically provide, and make the site rank better.

According to Google they are using this to protect their users “who are not signed in”.

Google If you are reading this, may I ask: protection from what?