Technical Errors and broken Links – Error Analysis and Correction

Entrepreneurs in every sector invest a lot of time, love and money in the fitting of their website, so it is very important to make sure that your contents are displayed correctly, even months and years after publishing. Corrupt links and empty 404 error pages impair your ranking in search engines and beyond that, they disrupt the user experience your website offers. Let’s have a look at the main assignments in the field of technical SEO:

How to find corrupt links

  • Google Analytics: This useful web tool offers several functions to audit and erase corrupt links. You can correct and replace empty 404 links automatically, moreover the tool offers regular error reports per mail. In case you don’t really trust Google, try alternatives like Xenu.
  • Find the source of error:In many cases, corrupt links are the result of changes in the target website, which makes it easy to reconfigurate them.
  • Updating the content management system (CMS): Update changes to your CMS to improve your SERP ranking.